Blessed art thou among women…

15th November 2023

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Art Studio 71' presents
A special event with art, music, and reading:

The main attraction will be an exhibition of Tina Birch Chimenti's latest work, which is concerned with womanhood, her desires, her sufferings, and the difficulty of expressing herself freely both sexually and as an individual, her, being in many ways still conditioned by the gaze/perception of a catholic and patriarchal society.

Special show and installation 'MY PUSSY IS BLACK'
who, with his seductive voice and underscorn sense of humor manage to capture his audience immediately.
TOMMASO PANCONESI, Musician and composer,
will bring you into a beautiful and almost meditative state of mind.
Together they will perform a dialogue with the theme and works of the event, which will start at 21.30

Two upcomming artists will also join the event with their work
who's work presents a more poetic and introspective world
ANNA MERLOTTI (instagram Melox)
who offers a different wiev of the woman through her strong images and lack of prudence in her imagery..

In short we can promise you an interesting and exciting evening where seriousness and the profound will be spuosed with beautifull provokative and humoristic aspects… so don't miss out!

A small entrance fee of 5 euros will be requested, but there will be free Wine.