Tina Birch chimenti is born in Denmark 1971, in a small town 30 km south of Copenhagen along the east coast. At the age of 19, she moves to Copenhagen with her father, where she finally feels at home and begins to explore her artistic talents and drawing skills. In 1992 not being confident enough about her artistic talents she enters the University of Copenhagen to study art history. Finally, at the age of 27, she abruptly decides to leave her studies and go to Italy determined to embark on a more artistic path. This becomes crucial for her life up until today

Tina Birch Chimenti is an artist, with many skills in different areas. Her main occupation is painting but her pull toward theatricality and her ever-seeking outside boundaries make her a multifaceted artist who also deals with installation, scenography, sculpture, and performance.

Painting is at present her primary occupation and her conscious and varied choices of materials and rendering bear witness to an innate curiosity and desire to experiment

Typically, her work springs from the meeting with her chosen models, who are portrayed in a very pictorial but not always in a realistic manner, and where the sensorial feeling of surface and rendering of texture, in the meeting with two-dimensional areas and patterns, creates a contrast and a dynamic which help to underline the often disturbing and theatrical scenery.

The themes and subject matter are not always easy to digest and are often comments (at times humoristic and ironic too) on human behavior where the spectator is confronted with social and political issues These works are still anchored in a kind of traditional image-making as far as composition and perspective are concerned, but we do see new ways of dealing with space in her latest paintings.

Her drawings on the other hand are very experimental and spontaneous, realized primarily with watercolor and acrylics. Lately, to break up with reality she uses imprinting and cutouts from newspapers, photocopies, and her drawings. Where this will lead her in her future process will be interesting to see.