HI and wellcome to this page.

Here you can see former commissions and portraits made for various occassions. I can apply my techniques and ideas to almost any kind of subjectmatter and request. Sometimes the commissioner gives me free hands to do as I please. Other times it is a result of my ideas and what you want.

The price of any commision depends upon size, the complexity of the image content and the tecnique (drawing/watercolor/acrylics/oil ecc.)

Portraits: starts out at a minimum price of

Shoulder no bigger than 40 -65 cm high:

drawing: 200 , watercolor: 500. acrylics/oil: 1000 euros

mid torso/waiste: drawing: 400, watercolor: 700, acrylics or oil, 70 cm to 90 cm high 1250 –

whole torso/seated figure/ full figure: drawing 600, watercolor/mixed media: 1100 acrylics and oil:

(90 – 180 cm high) 1600 –

Double portrait 1750 –

flowers and landscapes: from 500 ( 40/ 50 cm high)

The prices are of course suggestive and background details, decorations, objects or other particularities (storytelling) will add to the price as well as decorated and complex clothing

portraits to insert for examples and prices.

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