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START: 4th February 2023

LOCATION: Info coming soon...


Are you passionate about drawing, and do you want to learn basic tecniques and improve your skills? Well, then this course is the right for you!

We will explore varous tecniques and ways to approach the subject. You are going to work with both classical tecniques as well as modern. In the beginning we will start out with simple still lifes and copying drawings from great masters in order to study ways of working with shadows and line.ibia e come ottenere effetti di chiaro scuro. We will work in my studio as well as outside (as long as the weather permits it). At the end of the cours we will have a model to sit for us so you can try your hand with the difficult art of portrait drawing.

The course sill be very personal and intensive as well being a small group of only five students, so don't miss out and hurry to sign up for this course.

1 lesson of 2,5 hours: 35 euros
4 lessons: 120 euros
6 lessons: 190 euros
10 lessons: 280 euros

Scetch paper A4 and A3 for drawing
Coloured paper: Brown, black and blue
Pencils 2B, 4B, 6B,
graffite water soluble 9B and 6B
Conte or similar: Sanguigna, charcoal pencil, 
Charcoal natural soft
Hobby knife or similar
Knet rubber